Medical equipment, consumables and integrated solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical market research and search for developers and drugs

The Simetri Medikal company specializes in the supply of medical equipment and materials for hospitals, treatment rooms and medical laboratories, as well as pharmaceutical market research and drug searches in international markets.

Simetri Medikal is one of the leading suppliers of practice supplies and medical equipment in Turkey. We supply GP practices, physiotherapists, alternative practitioners, hospitals and medical facilities of all kinds in Turkey, Europe, the UK and beyond, with a whole range of medical supplies and medical equipment. Whether you are looking to procure supplies for a surgery, physiotherapy clinic, gastroenterology practice or care home - at Simetri Medikal, doctors of all specialities, physiotherapists and alternative practitioners are guaranteed to find the right equipment for their medical practice.

Dressing Material
Medical Instruments
Lab Equipment
Medical Clothing

In our lab equipment category, we offer an array of laboratory devices, laboratory accessories, urine test strips, rapid tests or corona antigen rapid tests and other laboratory articles at favourable prices. In addition to centrifuges and pipettes, you will also find aids for sample collection and typical laboratory products, such as microscope slides or cover slips. Do you need a complete set of laboratory equipment? We will be happy to make you a customised offer. Simply contact us - e.g., by phone or e-mail.

Complex equipment of medical departments

We offer equipment and supplies to virtually all customer groups in the healthcare system.

Expert design

We don't just sell equipment, but offer comprehensive solutions. We design medical institutions, equipping them with first-class equipment.


Simetri Medikal offers comprehensive solutions related to the audit of clinic equipment, as well as patient routing.